Live Free OR DIE.



The reality of the situation is that I’m surrounded by cowards.

My only sense of reprieve is that I would rather live broke or die starving then wake up everyday to build a brand I don’t own.

I’m having a private revolution

Joined by like minds of unfamiliar people

You don’t offend me when you laugh at my ideas

I’m not hurt by your scrutiny or your petty attempts to drown my grandeur

It’ll make it easier to laugh when YOU ask me for a job

It’ll be OK when I lay off your parents

I am so fucking disgusted with the amount of people that wake up at the same time everyday,

5 days a week,

for 30 years in the name of some boss they ultimately don’t know

for a cause they probably wouldn’t believe in

They got a bargain with your dumbass

cause for $25/hour you sold your soul


you in debt

with your student loans, car payment, credit card bills, mortgage and taxes.

Welcome to AmeriKKKa.

Where the slaves don’t notice their own chains

It’s embarrasing really

I’m ashamed

So if I die broke, If I live starving, the important thing is that the entire time

I was free

&my private revolution saved my life

FUCK you, AmeriKKKa

18 thoughts on “Live Free OR DIE.

  1. Each 1 teach 1! Show n Prove! And like a thief in the night… Now we back, reincarnated like… Asar! Peace to the Bredren/Gods/Earths/Moors/Asiatic/African/Contemporary Kemetians. Aset is the throne, so support the queen mother and subscribe if you want your King/Dome back!! Rather die on my feet than live on my knees! All day er day!!
    Hotep Family

  2. You write nothing but passionate truth! We need to build together. I’m on the same page. I worked for comcast for almost 9 years and walked away from to free myself from the slave wage earning economy.

    • HEY, I love ur youtube! Do you do anything on Im sure yu have a twitter? what else?? Im probably about to make a facebook. I know I’m late :/ lol

  3. You are so right sista we as ppl r afraid of change nd of the unknown.

    We are slaves to the money nd we work hard nd cant live the way jah intended for his ppl

    Fuck Amerkka

  4. I totally feel where you are coming from. The Black Man is in the worst state he’s ever been in and my mission is to show and prove that the Black Man is GOD and will always be GOD.
    I don’t eat slave food, I don’t have a slave name, I don’t do business like the slave masters, money is not my only motivation.
    I’m creating a Black Business Directory called Elevation Magazine for small businesses in the Houston Area. I can be reached @ 832.707.5057 if you would like to discuss your unique marketing needs.

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